Noakhali government women’s college

Noakhali government women's college

This is one of the best college in the Noakhali district. This is in Maijdi Area beside Maijdi Court. This is only for women. We see the uses and influences of computers and the internet, the uses of satellite in transfer and dissemination of knowledge and information, the effects of reducing the large world into a global village, the consequent mobility of people from one country to another for higher studies and jobs. From this realization, that is only quality education can produce skilled human resources, we can aim at achieving such goals. Finally, Readers aims at opening a gateway of life for the learners through befitting education with the blending of moral values and co-curricular activities.

Noakhali government women’s college EIIN : 107658

Noakhali government women’s college College Code : C.B-0091

Address: Maijdee Court, Sadar, Noakhali

Website –

Phone : 0321-61198

E-mail :

Readers have the board aim of preparing students for successful living within the society and preparing them for higher education. Education, in every human community, is an indispensable instrument for human progress, empowerment and effecting national development. Skilled human resources are the main preconditions to fulfill the pledge of change and turning the country to a middle-income one. The world’s education, science, trade and commerce and also governance are in a process of continuous change and improvement.

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