Magura postal code – 7600

Magura postal code

This is one of the popular places in the Khulna division. The postal code of Magura is 7600. This is just beside Jessore, Jeneidah and Faridpur. It has 4 different thanas. So, thanas postal code is different. This is famous for Magura medical college. Magura Sadar is the center point in Magura. So Magura Sadar’s postal code is also the same.

Magura Sadar Magura Sadar 7600
Mohammadpur Binodpur 7631
Magura Mohammadpur Mohammadpur 7630
Mohammadpur Nahata 7632
Magura Shripur Langalbadh 7611
Magura Shripur Nachol 7612
Shripur Shripur 7610

Magura postal code: 7600

  • Thana: Magura Sadar
  • District: Magura
  • Division: Khulna
  • Country: Bangladesh

Popular places:

Magura Medical College Hospital, Magura, 7600

Magura Govt. High School, Magura, 7600

Government Govt. College, Magura, 7600

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