Char Matua Pre-Cadet Academy, Noakhali Sadar, Noakhali

Char Matua Pre-Cadet Academy is an academic institute and one of the popular institute located at Sankarpur, Noakhali Sadar, Noakhali. Its educational system is very good. Most of the students are very happy. Char Matua Pre-Cadet Academy`s Eiin number is 131382. This is one of the most famous institute in Noakhali Sadar, Noakhali. Every year a good number of students pass in examination with a brilliant result.

Char Matua Pre-Cadet Academy EIIN CODE – 131382

এই শিক্ষা প্রতিষ্ঠান উচ্চ মানের শিক্ষা প্রদান করছে। এইখানে পড়ালেখা করলে আপনার বাচ্চারা ভালো জায়গায় পড়ালেখা করার সুযোগ পাবে।

Char Matua Pre-Cadet Academy Phone Number – 01952064142

  • Institute Name – Char Matua Pre-Cadet Academy
  • Village/Area – Sankarpur
  • Thana – Noakhali Sadar
  • District – Noakhali
  • Division – Chattagram
  • Country – Bangladesh
  • Mobile – 01952064142
  • EIIN Number – 131382

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