Faridabad Postal Code Dhaka – 1204

Faridabad Postal Code Dhaka

This is one of the popular place in Old Dhaka. It is beside Gandaria, Postagola and the bank of Buriganga river. The postal code of Faridabad is 1204. It is under Sutrapur thana and Gandaria area. This is one of the popular business place in Old city.

Faridabad postal code: 1204

  • Thana: Sutrapur, Gendaria TSO
  • District: Dhaka
  • Division: Dhaka
  • Country: Bangladesh

Popular place:

  • Faridabad High School, Faridapur, Dhaka 1204
  • Riverview International School & College, Faridapur, Dhaka 1204
  • Faridabad Ideal School, Faridapur, Dhaka 1204

Faridabad Map:

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